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Swarovski Large Pearls Small Pearls Intercolor Mixed Pearl Necklace

Swarovski Large Pearls Small Pearls Intercolor Mixed Pearl Necklace

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Size Guide

Choose the perfect length for your pearl necklace with these quick tips:

  • Choker (310-420mm): Sits at the base of the neck, ideal for showcasing pendants.
  • Short (410-450 mm): Versatile, suits most necklines, a classic for everyday wear.
  • Medium (460-610 mm): Great for formal occasions, adds elegance to high-neck attire.
  • Long (700-900 mm): Dramatic and perfect for special events, evening gowns.
  • Great Long (Over 900 mm): Versatile, can be layered, adds sophistication to any outfit.

Product Details:Using an arrangement of large Swarovski pearls spaced apart from smaller Swarovski pearls, three different sizes of pearls are used to create the visual contrast of a large pearl and a small pearl on a platter. The interface is 14k gold-plated, forming an accent between multiple pearls. The magnetic clasp design makes it easier to wear. Each Swarovski pearl is so round and shiny that it can be worn alone or layered with more beaded styles, or with a pearl necklace with a single pendant, or with earrings of the same mixed pearl.

Metal: 14k Recycled Gold Plating on Brass
Gemstone:  Swarovski Pearl
Length: 450mm


This piece should be stored in a cool, dry place and cleaned carefully with a soft non-abrasive cloth to maintain shine.

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